Hands On Dog Training School

Training dogs is not only financially rewarding, but is extremely satisfying and a fun career.  But you can’t learn everything you need to know just by reading books and taking tests.  At the Dog Training School at Petropolis, our instructors are dedicated to assisting you with your education through plenty of 1-on-1 interaction and hands-on training.

Our pet career school uses a balanced mixture of hands on training, lecture and practical experience for students to gain the skill and confidence to become successful dog trainers. We offer everything from an 8 Week Professional Pet Trainer Program to our 28 Week Pet Entrepreneurship Program. Training a dog is one thing, but understanding how to interact with animals to create an enriching experience for the pet along with a fun and profitable experience for you is another story. You will learn how a dog thinks, how they perceive their interactions with you and how you can read their body language to understand their feelings. You will learn the necessary animal handling skills to evaluate and handle dogs in a grooming situation or any other situation.

If you are looking for hands on training to become a professional dog trainer, look no further! Our training school will teach you the skills necessary to expand your career options from being a well-rounded and knowledgeable trainer to working in most any pet care field you desire, including: scent detection, basic pet training, therapy dog training, protection training, and much more!

To learn more about our hands on dog training school, or to schedule a tour, call Roxanne at 636-898-5849 and start your new career today!